10 most profitable fundraising ideas Fred Hollows Foundation

Pamper your winner with a raffle prize offering a pedicure, manicure, massage, or facial. Always a popular giveaway, make sure to try and get a spa package donated to your fundraising cause. A vital part of your charity raffle is raising as much money as possible for your chosen cause. So, remember that low-budget or donated prizes can be just as impressive if not better than big, luxury items, especially if they are something that makes a lasting impression. Everyone wants to update their electronic devices with the latest version, which is why they are so popular as raffle prizes.
That’s because it’s not a single event, but can be sold continuously. One of the best things about doing a cookbook fundraiser with the community’s help is that it introduces people to each other through your organization. Food-related events are a chance for people to mix and mingle, making them both fun and memorable. Hosting a candy-themed scavenger hunt is a great way to get people excited about your event and involved in your fundraising.
You can invite your students from the tool and they will be guided there to create and customize their own fundraising campaigns. It’s the most hassle-free way for you to encourage more involvement and include students in your fundraising efforts. For a more college-appropriate fundraising idea, try a dorm decorating contest. Have students pay a small fee to enter their room in the contest. Add multiple ticket tiers to your event ticketing form with Donorbox Events.
Make sure you ask for IDs from everyone taking the puppies for their doggie date. Firstly, set a date and time for your clean up event (ideally the weekend of Earth Day). Get your volunteers to collect pledges from family members, friends, local businesses, and neighbors in your community.
Bake-offs are great fundraisers, particularly for a Harvest or Christmas event. You can give the participants the general theme and let them choose their own recipes or choose a single recipe and have all of the participants make the same one. This Christmas fundraising idea is best executed as a peer-to-peer fundraiser.
Free Fundraising Info Kit- Be sure to check out our no-cost informational kit to getting started with your next fundraiser to keep your funds rolling in. 65+ Fundraising Ideas- Boost excitement around your fundraising with a powerful campaign. Choose from Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas of product and experiential fundraisers. When you use a tool that promotes engagement and further giving for your supporters and your staff, your next fundraising campaign can be the most successful endeavor yet. Adding this fundraising thermometer widget to your website will help you motivate donors and provide an easily accessible hub to follow your campaign’s progress. Your fundraising thermometer can be successful for any campaign your organization chooses.
A great fundraising idea for clubs, schools, and nonprofits is a gift card fundraiser. This works especially well during the holiday season when people are buying gifts for their friends and loved ones. If you’ve got some talented cooks in your crew, consider holding a fundraiser where you serve food and
give people a tour of the facility. If the event goes well, you may want to do something several times per year. Pancake breakfasts and firehouse stew nights are also great ideas,
and you may even want to put together a cookbook full of recipes to sell at the event.
If one of your congregants is looking for a home refresh, this is the perfect opportunity for getting help with updating the exterior of the home! Rally a group of willing volunteers to put in work over a weekend to make the winner’s house look brand-new. Often, the task of putting up or taking down holiday decorations is a pain point on a to-do list.