LPR FAQ’s Parking and Transportation Services

The license plate numbers are stored in the PTS contract database and in the parking system. License Plate Recognition cameras read plates as you drive through parking lots and city streets for enforcement. With a direct connection to AIMS, the camera automatically captures vehicles in violation based upon your custom rules and locations. When a vehicle is parked on campus, the rear license plate is captured by readers mounted on Parking & Transportation Services vehicles.
Customers can view live video and recorded video with the license plate data at NUUO Mainconsole and remote live veiwer application. Smart Parking LPR is a fully mobile low-profile License Plate Recognition system that can be installed on a vehicle (patrol car, SUV, etc.) to provide High-Speed and High-Accuracy scans. Powered by ultra-accurate cameras, our system facilitates the process of doing parking lot inventory and parking audits to check for valid registrations and more — during the day or even at night. Another advantage of this type of automated system is that it opens the door to self-service. If someone wants a parking permit, they can register and pay on a website. Instead, they can log their license plate, and the system handles the rest.
5.The chassis is integrated, simple, generous, and easy to operate. The only information captured is a picture of your license plate. This information will not be shared with other departments or outside entities, unless required by law . All license plate photos are deleted after 120 days of capture unless they were taken as a result of your vehicle receiving a citation.
Scan a license plate into any field where License Plate data entry is required. License Plate Recognition, combined with the advanced parking management software ParkingSnap, raises the bar in private property parking management. Transportation Services is investing in LPR technology that will allow us to do our jobs more efficiently and provide solutions for the new intermittent parking needs in the “new normal”. We anticipate that the benefits of the upgrades will bear out in a relatively short return on investment.
License Plate Recognition is an advanced parking technology that provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate instead of paper permits or plastic hangtags. With the development of technology, the accuracy of camera recognition of license plates is much higher than before. The vehicle license plate number is part of the physical permit issued by Parking Services. To park legally on campus, the plate number must be linked to a valid permit and both the permit and vehicle license plate must be visible displayed. When parking, parking machine manufacturer must face the drive lane. Visitors will no longer need to print out a visitor permit or stop by Parking Services.